Rethymno city

Rethymno is the capital of the municipality under the same name. It has got 27868 inhabitants according to the census of 2001 and is the third largest city in Crete with the two first being Heraklion and Chania. Located on the northern coast of the island, on the east of Almiros gulf with an average altitude of 10m, Rethymno is the administrative, commercial and transportation centre of the municipality.

Rethymno is an attractive destination for tourists. This picturesque well-organised city is the ideal place for quiet vacations, strolling in the beautiful narrow streets and enjoying the historic and natural monuments of the area. The old town has preserved its original planning as it used to be during the Venetian occupation, partially changed during the Ottoman occupation and continues to change today as it has been always inhabited. It has been characterized as a protected historic monument and as a traditional settlement.

Rethymno	Rethymno