Sfakia is situated 30km away from Chania city. The whole area is covered by the Lefka Ori mountains, which form ravines, gorges and rocky inaccessible coasts. Famous gorges of the area are Samaria, Lagkou, Katre and Nimbrou. There is also a small plateau at an altitude of 1050m called Omalos and there is a cave called Digeni in its middle. This cave is the largest in Crete and one of the largest in Greece.

The area is characterized by its mountains and gorges. This is also connected with one suggestion for the name of the area, according to which the name derives from the ancient word "diasfagas" used in Herodotus for gorges as a derivative from the verb "sfatto" (ancient Greek for tear, slaughter).

Σφακιά Σφακιά